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Prox Magnet Catcher #60
Prox Magnet Catcher #60 Prox Magnet Catcher #60

Prox Magnet Catcher #60

Product code: 4548992207688

Prox Magnet Catcher #60
Magnet catcher that catches pliers and scissors in a pitti.
Just attach it to a cooler or a tackle box and suck the pliers etc. there.
Adsorption of metallic small items that a powerful neodymium magnet tends to lose.
Ideal for pliers and scissors used frequently as it is a magnet type.
It is unnecessary to drill because it can be mounted on the body simply by gluing it to the cooler etc. with the attached double-sided tape.
It is a convenient item that can be easily lost and easy to organize metal accessories that are easy to clutter.
Because the magnetic force of the neodymium magnet is very strong, please be careful in handling.
※ Please do not bring it close to precision equipment, watch, magnetic card. It may cause data loss, malfunction, or malfunction. Also, please do not use those who are wearing implantable medical electronic equipment such as cardiac pacemakers.
* When absorbing with metal or other magnets, strong force is generated. Please be careful of injuries and accidents.
* When peeling off the adsorbed on the magnet, remove it while sliding it.

Standard : 60
Size : 60 × 20 × 6 mm.
Material : Neodymium magnet · stainless steel


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Regular Price: 450 THB

Special Price 405 THB

Product Spec

Barcode 4548992207688
Name Prox Magnet Catcher #60
Brands Prox
Model Prox Magnet Catcher #60
Size 60 × 20 × 6 mm.
Qty / Pack 1
Accessories Weight -
Price 450 THB
Prox Magnet Catcher #60

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