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Jigging Master Super Star 3000 Plus #3000H (RED-Silver)
Jigging Master Super Star 3000 Plus #3000H (RED-Silver) Jigging Master Super Star 3000 Plus #3000H (RED-Silver)

Jigging Master Super Star 3000 Plus #3000H (RED-Silver)

Product code: 03315

Jigging Master Super Star 3000 Plus #3000H (RED-Silver)

All models are equipped with multiple sets of high-friction drag systems, fused with JM’s special formula grease, providing powerful, yet smooth and stable braking ability, which remains that way even during long-period fish battles.
2. 7075 aluminium alloy + C6191 Hyper Gear
The main gear set is forged from 7075 aluminium alloy with precise turnery technology, which gives the reel the highest level of rolling smoothness, and first-class durability.
3. Forged Aluminum Body
The aluminum forged body is made by ultra-precise machining technology, which is more precise than the general method. This processing method can create a lightweight and durable body, which enables this product to reach an unprecedented level of strength.
4. Simple Maintenance Design
An easy to disassemble design, plus a simple mechanical structure, enables you to easily apply oil for maintenance with just loosening a few screws.
5. Forged Aluminum Rotor
The rotor which also uses the forging machine to process the aluminum alloy has three distinct characteristics: lightweight, high durability, and seawater resistance. The perfect balance makes reeling the line easy and labor-saving.
6. Aluminum Drag Knob
The high heat-resistant aluminum drag adjustment knob has an excellent heat dissipation quality. When the drag value is set, even if the fish puts on a fast and strong fight, the drag knob will dissipate heat quickly, avoiding it from melting. The drag knob is also equipped with a special spring, which makes the drag system of this reel more fine-tuned.
7. Oversize Power Arm
The extended fighting arm with the appropriate gear ratio makes reeling easy and labor-saving. The ergonomic football-shaped aluminum handle is unique and light weight. The simple left and right hand interchange mechanism allows you to quickly change from left to right or vice versa.
8. The one-piece titanium-coated bail wire with dual bearing roller.

1. Super smooth system (3sets)
2. Model: 3000 body + 3000 Plus spool
3. Ball Bearing: 10+1 (SUS)
4. Oversize arm 69mm + Ball knob
5. Model: 3000H (1:5.2)
6. Spool Capacity : PE1*430m / PE1.5*300m / PE2*220m
7. Retrieved Speed: #H 75cm
8. GEAR RATIO: #H (1:5.2)
9. Weight: 230g + Arm & Round knob 30g
10.Efficient drag: 12kg
11. Max drag: 20kg over
12.Color: Blue/ Silver

Product of Taiwan

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Regular Price: 14,000 THB

Special Price 11,200 THB

Product Spec

Barcode 03315
Name Jigging Master Super Star 3000 Plus #3000H (RED-Silver)
Brands Jigging Master
Model Jigging Master Super Star 3000 Plus #3000H (RED-Silver)
Bearing 10+1
Gear Ratio 1:5.2 / 75 cm.
Reel Weight 230g + Arm & Ball knob 30g
Line Capacity PE1-430m / PE1.5-300m / PE2-220m
Max Drag (lbs/Kg) Efficient drag : 12kg - Max drag : 20kg over
Price 14,000 THB
Jigging Master Super Star 3000 Plus #3000H (RED-Silver)

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